Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello World

Welcome to my blog. I know, it sounds so much more sophisticated than it really is. I’ll be checking in almost daily to update the world on the happenings with me. Specifically, I will be using this blog to document my search for employment. After being given my walking papers on 01.12.09 I’ve been in search of new employment opportunities. I’ve had a few things come up in the Eugene, OR area, but opportunities are pretty scarce. Things will develop when the right opportunity presents itself, but I’m open to any and all leads anyone wants to pass along.

To explore more opportunites, I’m opening my search to the Eastern time zone. I’ll be in Kentucky, Georgia, Florida and places in between in the next week and half. I’ll be using this blog to document the trip and job search while away from my World Wide Headquarters of Eugene, Oregon.

Let me know what you have going on, give my your opinions and as I mentioned, any job lead is a good lead.

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